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On any given night there is something going on for Jewish students at Aish Penn State; whether it’s Maimonides, Challah baking, Aish PSU leadership board meetings, social events, or holiday programs. Both the Vigons and the Grants open their homes to Jewish students weekly for Shabbat meals, study with students in the Penn State Hub on campus daily, and accompany them on various Jewish trips and retreats during breaks.

Penn State has been a hub of Jewish activity for Aish NY since 2013. Spreading further across the Northeast, Ricki and Sarah Vigon moved to State College where they started building a warm and growing community of Jewish students. In 2014 they were joined by David and Esther Grant, and Penn State now features the full array of Aish NY programs and offerings.

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meet the PSU team

The key to inspiring others is having an inspiring and inspired staff.

Aish Penn State Weekly Programing

Meet one night a week for 10 weeks to engage in discussions with leaders in Jewish thought, business, philanthropy and industry, acquiring the greatest tool you need to stand out as a Jewish leader – knowledge.


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