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Silicon is necessary for the normal functioning of connective tissue, lungs, endocrine glands (adrenal gland, thyroid and pancreas, thymus, lymph nodes). Most silicon is in the lymph nodes (0.6 grams per 1 kilogram).

Silicon is necessary for the normal functioning of connective tissue, lungs, endocrine glands (adrenal gland, thyroid and pancreas, thymus, lymph nodes). Most silicon is in the lymph nodes (0.6 grams per 1 kilogram). A lack of silicon dramatically affects the functioning of these organs. The main function of silicon is to maintain a normal metabolism in the body. More precisely, if silicon is not enough, then about 70 other elements are not absorbed. Silicon creates colloidal systems that absorb harmful microorganisms and viruses, thus purifying the body.

Studies have shown that in water, silicon inhibits bacteria that cause fermentation and decay, precipitates heavy metals, neutralizes chlorine, and absorbs radionuclides. In a living organism, biologically active substances of silicon, together with protein structures, contribute to the formation of enzymes, amino acids, and hormones. Silicon is especially needed in connective tissue; it is found in the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland. A lot of silicon in the hair. Its highest concentration is found in hair and nails.


• strengthens the immune system;

• very useful for hair, skin and nails;

• about 70 elements are not absorbed if the body lacks silicon. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium, chlorine, fluorine, sodium, sulfur, aluminum, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, cobalt and other elements;

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• silicon promotes collagen biosynthesis, participates in phosphorus metabolism and lipid metabolism, as well as in maintaining its balance with calcium, which is closely related to the aging process of the body.

A relationship was found between the absence of silicon in drinking water and cardiovascular diseases. Tuberculosis, diabetes, leprosy, hepatitis, hypertension, cataracts, arthritis, cancer are accompanied by a decrease in the concentration of silicon in tissues and organs, or in violation of its metabolism.

Our body loses silicon every day – on average per day with food and water we consume 3.5 mg of silicon, and lose about 9 mg!

Causes of silicon deficiency:

• insufficient intake of fiber and natural mineral water (purified water does not contain silicon);

• excess aluminum (for example, due to cooking in aluminum utensils);

• period of intensive growth in children;

• physical overload

Typically, a decrease in the silicon content occurs against a background of general mineral deficiency and is accompanied by a deficiency of magnesium and calcium.

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Signs of silicon deficiency:

• violation of the state of connective tissue – bone disease, ligaments, the development of osteoporosis, periodontal disease, arthrosis;

• vascular damage – early atherosclerosis, increased cholesterol;

• dry vulnerable skin;

• fragility and slow growth of nails;

• reduced body resistance to infections, lung disease, upper respiratory tract.

It is known that biological age is determined by the rate of metabolic processes, i.e. update rate as separate cells. And if many cosmetic preparations are capable of solving this moisturizing and protecting problem to one degree or another, the problem of accelerating metabolism requires a more intensive change of the outer layer of the skin.

Slowing down of skin regeneration processes begins at about 30 years old. By this time, the body is already beginning Les protagonistes de ” Champions ” joueront dans le match de charité entre la police et les célébrités to feel a lack of silicon. Our body cannot independently restore silicon deficiency, since the natural silicon compounds surrounding us are mostly biologically inactive and are not able to participate in biochemical reactions inside the cell.

Consider the effect of silicon deficiency on the development of some common diseases.


According to scientists, the normal silicon content in the body is 4.7%. Silicon is part of the blood vessels – with a deficiency of silicon on the vessel walls, cholesterol plaques form much faster. In the walls of an artery affected by atherosclerosis, silicon is 10 to 14 times less than normal. If you normalize the silicon content in the diet, then the process of developing atherosclerosis slows down and the blood vessels are cleaned.

A few more words about cholesterol – this substance is necessary for our body (cholesterol is part of the cell membrane). With a lack of silicon, cholesterol, having passed through the digestive tract and once in the blood, cannot be absorbed by the Bodybuilding Verbrennen Sie mehr Körperfett mit Tri cells. As a result, the concentration of cholesterol in the blood increases sharply, the blood becomes viscous, thick and, naturally, cholesterol adheres to the walls of blood vessels.

By increasing the amount of products containing silicon in your diet, a person normalizes cholesterol metabolism in the body, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and providing cells with building material.


This disease most often affects the upper right part of the lungs and, according to scientists, in this part of the lungs – the least concentration of silicon. With tuberculosis, the silicon content in the lungs decreases by 50%. In the body of patients with tuberculosis, many trace elements are usually lacking. By increasing the amount of silicon in his diet, a person solves two problems – normalizes the amount of this trace element in the lungs and stimulates the absorption of other trace elements. Fiber-rich foods should predominate in the diet of a patient with tuberculosis – silicon from them is absorbed very effectively.

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Bones, joints.

As you know the condition of the skeletal system, primarily depends on the calcium content in the diet. But the fact is that calcium is not absorbed by the body if there is a silicon deficiency. You can saturate your diet with foods containing calcium, but with a lack of silicon, the benefits of such a diet will be minimal. Silicon is also necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

There are two ways to normalize the balance of silicon in the body.

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1. Increasing the amount of products containing silicon in your diet.

2. Regularly using water saturated with silicon.

A large amount of this element can be found in cereals and cereals. Buckwheat, rice, millet, wheat, oats, millet, oatmeal, corn, etc. Eating cereals will not only help replenish silicon reserves, but also fill the body with other useful substances. Silicon is found in bread, for example, in bran or wheat flour.

The next group of products that can be distinguished is fruits and vegetables.

Silicon-containing vegetables are: white cabbage, cauliflower, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, onions, ripe pumpkin and carrots, bell peppers. All these vegetables are affordable for everyone, so adding them to your daily menu should not be a problem.

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But there are very few fruits containing a significant amount of silicon. These include apples, melon, bananas, plums and dates. This element is also found in some dried fruits: in raisins, in figs and in dried L’anathomie et la photo de Laooconte apricots.

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Silicon contains almost all green edible plants, as well as roots: salad; radish and turnip tops; celery; spinach; green onions; nettle; dandelion; horseradish; parsnip root.

The second option to increase the silicon content in the body is to use silicon mineral water. Water has its own significant advantages:

– all minerals, including silicon, are in the ionic state in water, which allows the body to absorb most efficiently,

– as you know, calcium, magnesium and silicon cannot be assimilated without each other, all these elements are present in mineral natural water,

– when choosing mineral water, pay attention to the label, the optimal ratio of minerals is Ca 100-300 mg, Mg 50-200 mg, H2SiO3 – 50-100 mg (on the label silicon is indicated by metasilicic acid). Metasilicic acid supplies the body with silicon in an easily digestible form.

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– also an indisputable plus is the fact that there are no calories in the water, which is very important for people who are prone to fullness and getting dark to a slim figure.

Silicon has a large and varied effect on our body. Therefore, to prevent a deficiency of this element, it is necessary to regularly include products containing it in the diet and use mineral water.