How does a female vibrator work? The principle, use, care and choice of a vibrator for women


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How a female vibrator works – the principle, use, care and choice of a vibrator for women

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Plastic. Nadváha These are the cheapest options with which it is very difficult to get pleasure. They practically do not look like a male penis, and moreover, because of the stiffness, it is not very pleasant to use them.

Rubber (latex). There are a huge number of rubber “toys”, so the vibrators of this material can be very different from each other. More realistic vibrators are more expensive, but they make pleasure more affordable.

Silicone They are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time they look and tactilely feel very realistic. This category contains a large number of colors, shapes and sizes.

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Cyber ​​leather. Vibrators made from this material are usually flesh-colored. Outwardly, it is difficult to distinguish them from the phallus, due to which they make girls more likely to desire and, as a result, help to achieve what they want faster.

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ABS silicone. Perché la tua ossessione per i muscoli (e il testosterone) può essere fatale? It is an absolutely safe material that does not cause irritation. Vibrators made of such silicone are always of very high quality, and are primarily recommended for girls whose skin is prone to allergic reactions.

We briefly examined the types of materials from which gadgets are made, but only you can make the final decision on which material to choose a vibrator from.

How to choose the first vibrator?

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The choice of the first vibrator is an extremely responsible task, which in a certain sense can be compared with the choice of a car and even a man. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one:

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Do not buy cheap vibrators. Many girls, fearing that the “toy” is not suitable for them, get the cheapest models. This is the wrong approach, because a low-quality vibrator will leave behind you not the most pleasant experience. So if you want to get to know the gadget with a bang, give preference to branded models

Check out the assortment. We recommend getting around a few sex shops to get an idea of ​​what vibrators are. Kroppsbyggande och fitness There are curved vibrators, anal toys, vibrators with different vibration intensities and so on and so forth. And it will not be superfluous to learn more about all this.

Before choosing the first vibrator, you should understand that it is best to start with an average size – approximately 4 cm in diameter and 15-17 cm in length. Keep in mind that although “toys” are less than 15 cm long and are in the “mini” category, in reality they are far from small.

The first vibrator should not be exotic. A gadget with an unusual design, if necessary, you can buy yourself at any time. Kulturystyka Białko Serwatki Izolowane i Mikronizowane You should also refuse from powerful vibratory massagers – you still do not know how your body will react to vibrations.

How to use a vibrator?

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In the kit for each vibrator is attached instructions for use. Therefore, if you do not want to harm your body, then only the correct use of a vibrator will give you a full sensation and vivid emotions.

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