About Maimonides

Maimonides is a semester-long program that offers Jewish students like yourself the core knowledge you need to be an educated and inspired Jew in today’s world.

We convene one night a week for 10 weeks to engage in discussions with leaders in Jewish thought, business, philanthropy and industry, acquiring the greatest tool you need to stand out as a Jewish leader – knowledge.

Maimonides Albany

Maimonides level I

Topics along your Jewish journey will include





















Each week, comprises of two sessions such as:

Introduction to Jewish Knowledge:
Jewish history, hcash course in Jewish knowledge, road map to Jewish learning.
Introduction to Jewish philosophy:
The Jewish approach to God and the purpose of our existence, free will, body and soul.
Contemporary Jewish Issues:
Men and women, love, relationships, suffering, happiness, Israel, modern ethical dilemmas.
The Foundations of Jewish Leadership:
Perfecting the world, character development, measuring success.

Dinner and/or refreshments may be served each week depending on the location.

The Fellowship includes 2 Shabbat experiences, which are announced at the beginning of each semester. You are recommended to keep a journal of your Maimonides experience, which you can discuss with your Maimonides advisor to ensure that you are gaining as much as possible from the program.

Students who complete the program receive a $300 voucher that can be applied toward any approved Aish NY trip or program.

Maimonides encourages an open and comfortable environment where students of all backgrounds are able to question, challenge and debate the ideas that are discussed throughout the sessions. No prior background is required to apply. Completed Maimonides? Read about Maimonides 2 here.

Maimonides level II

Maimonides 2 is an advanced study program that builds on the concepts introduced during Maimonides. You will now have the opportunity to delve more deeply into Jewish text as well as addressing more complex and advanced issues.

Maimonides 2 takes place over one semester on your campus. Most campuses have a group session one night each week for 10 weeks. In some locations Maimonides 2 is individualized rather than group learning. Find out more about Maimonides 2 on your campus.

Maimonides 2 also includes fun and invigorating off-campus Shabbaton experiences with your entire group.

Students who complete the Maimonides 2 requirements receive a $1,500 flight voucher to attend an approved advanced learning program in Israel, as well as a flight voucher to attend a retreat in the US during an upcoming school break.

Just starting Maimonides? Learn about Maimonides 1 here.

Maimonides Facts

Maimonides Fellowship is run in partnership with Olami Worldwide, an international movement of over 300 organizations worldwide, striving toward a vibrant, engaged and knowledgeable Jewish tomorrow.

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graduates per year in the United States



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years of setting the standard for Jewish educational programming

Apply today
  • Are you motivated and intelligent?
  • Would you like to join an exclusive community seeking to become tomorrow’s leaders?
  • Do you want to understand Judaism’s approach to life’s most critical questions?

Qualifying applicants will be contacted for an interview by a local Aish NY representative.

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