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At Aish NY, we have programs on many college campuses around the Northeastern United States. Our goal is to inspire Jewish college students with engaging, relevant and intelligent Jewish opportunities. Find out more about the campuses we’re active on, the wide variety of programs we offer and our inspirational teams.

The hallmark of all Aish NY programs is the open and comfortable environment that we foster where all questions are legitimate and many approaches to important issues are discussed.

All events, classes, discussions and trips are accessible to Jews of all backgrounds. No prior Jewish experiences or knowledge is necessary to participate, and because of that Aish NY is able to create a space of growth and exploration for all.


See what Aish NY has on your campus


The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship is our semester-long educational course on campus. Each semester, learn more about your heritage in an open and welcoming environment with your campus educators as well as amazing guest speakers.

Israel Trips

Explore your homeland and heritage on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Israel with Aish NY. Travel from north to south, make friends that will forever and delve deeply into the richness of Judaism over 16 amazing days.

Poland Trip

Join Aish NY for a journey to the heart of what it means to be a Jew through the exploration of some of the brightest and darkest chapters in the history of our people.

Advanced Learning

If you are looking to maximize your learning on an intensive trip or retreat, check out Aish NY’s advanced learning options. Speak with your local Aish NY educator about which experience will best match your goals.

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